AGB Suances Surfcamp

Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

Biosurfcamp SLU
C/Cuba de Arriba, 25
39340 Cantabria

Ort des Surfcamp:
C/Serapio Beade, s/n, 39340 Suances,
Cantabria, Spanien

There will be no reservation or payment refunds.


If you decide to cancel the course, you will have to notify Biosurfcamp at least fifteen working days before the beginning of the course. In that case, you will be entitled to a 50% refund of the payment made. The remainder will be considered as administrative expenses.

If this cancellation is notified to Biosurfcamp in a period inferior to 15 working days before the beginning of the course, you will not be refunded, instead the amount of the payment will be kept for a future reservation over a period which will not exceed one year and only in the low season. During this period you will be able to choose a new date to do the course, as long as there are vacancies available at the requested dates.

Reservations will be cancelled if the form on our website or the form you receive by email, is not properly completed.
Reservations which do not include payment through one of the payment methods on our website or included in our email, will also be cancelled. All reservations that do not contain the required data, or which are incomplete or incorrect will be cancelled. In case of payment by bank transfer or deposit in bank account, Bio surfcamp reserves the right to cancel this reservation if the required data are different from the ones stipulated on the website or in our email.


The person in whose name the booking figure assumes the payment of the damages that he and the rest of the people who has reserved and their dependents and their pets might cause while in the premises of camp and surf courses. These damages include both the material and the labor Biosurfcamp staff and to third parties during the course and during their stay in the facility Bio surf camp.