AGB Itacare Surfcamp

Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen


EasyDrop Surf Camp Itacaré
Rua João Coutinho,
140 Centro Itacaré
Bahia – Brasilien

I – Business- and travel conditions

1) General
a) By signing this travel contract, the signer:
1. agrees that he/she has read and understands the business and travel conditions;
2. accept the present business and travel conditions;
3. assumes to be aware of the physical and cultural exigency of 3rd world and surf traveling which can produce unforeseen occurrences, including personal damages, illness, and death.
b) EasyDrop Surf camp Itacaré is liable, in the terms of Brazilian law, for the conscientious preparation, careful management and supervision of surf courses and surf instructors, the fulfillment of the package tour’s description and, in case of third parties, the proper quality and rendering of the contracted services.
c) After the beginning of a package tour, no refunds can be made. In case of contracted services which cannot be rendered by ITACARÉ VIAGENS LTDA. for not imputable reasons, a refund will be made to the client based on the difference between the value of the services contracted and the value of the services effectively received.
d) Complaints can only be considerate if presented at the office of ITACARÉ VIAGENS LTDA. in writing within 15 days after the package tour has finished.

2) Payment
a) ITACARÉ VIAGENS LTDA. does not accept traveler checks, personal checks or money orders.
b) All remittances must indicate the name of the participant and the package tour dates.
c) All wiring fees (including receivers fees) must be paid by the customer.

3) Cancellation
a) The participant may cancel the contract at any time. All resignations must be submitted in writing.
b) In case of cancellation before the beginning date of the package, only 70% of complete payments in advance will be refunded. Down payments up to 30% of the complete package price will be not be refunded.
c) In case of cancellation on the beginning date of the package or later, no payments will be refunded.

4) Behavior
a) The EasyDrop equipment must be handled with care. In case of reckless treatment, reckless behavior, or loss, the participant is responsible for the cost of the damage.
b) The instructions and orders of the EasyDrop staff, during course time, must be strictly observed.
c) In case of repugnant behavior that affects the reputation or safety of the participants or EasyDrop, or behavior that damages property, the contract will be canceled and the participant excluded from the package tour and the surf course. In such an instance, no refund will be made to the offending participant.

5) Visas/Vaccinations/Health
a) The participant is responsible for the procurement of the respective visa, passport, customs, currency, and health regulations of his country for entry into Brazil.
b) From the United States of America and Australia, a current, valid passport and Visa is required for entry into Brazil. A Visa can be procured from a travel agent or directly from the Brazilian Embassy.

6) Insurance
a) There is no insurance offered by ITACARÉ VIAGENS LTDA. For this reason, we recommend that the participant takes out travel-accident and travel-disease insurance, as well as travel-resignation insurance, if he so chooses.

7) Change booking / Substitute participant
a) The client can change his booking for any package of ITACARÉ VIAGENS LTDA. up to 30 days before the beginning date of the package.
b) At the beginning of the package tour, the client may substitute another participant in his place. The substitute participant will only be accepted by ITACARÉ VIAGENS LTDA., if he fulfills the participant requests. To avoid possible complications, we urgently recommend that the substitute participant get in touch with ITACARÉ VIAGENS LTDA. before traveling to Brazil.
c) In case of changed bookings or substitute participants, ITACARÉ VIAGENS LTDA. charges a processing fee of US $ 100.00.

II – Penalties:
In case of infraction of the present contract, it is explicitly established that both the contractor/contracted adhere to the terms determined by this travel contract.

III – Forum:
Independent of the place where the travel contract is signed, the forum for settlement of any disputes will be Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil, and the observed laws will be the civil, the touristic norms, and the consumers protection, edited on Brazilian territory.

IV – Instrument of proxy
By my below signature, I grant the authority to ITACARÉ VIAGENS LTDA. to contract the services described in item V., being aware of my rights and obligations, especially concerning the determined values and safeguards above described: The contact’s execution will begin with the reception of its signed copy (per fax or e-mail attachment) at the Office of ITACARÉ VIAGENS LTDA. in Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil.