AGB Areia Branca Surfcamp

Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

Global Surf School
Mr. João Matos
Vale Geões Nº. 18

Ort des Surfcamps:
Global Surf School
Alameda do Golfinho
Praia da Areia Branca

Reservation Policy:

1) Book: After receiving your reservation request, we will contact you in 24 hours and all the necessary information will be provided to make the deposit reserve.

2) Confirmation: After the payment of 30% of the total amount, you will receive a confirmation email and the remaining instructions. We can only guarantee your booking after payment of the due deposit.

3) If you want to modify your reservation: after being confirmed, (ex.dates, names, etc) you must cancel your reservation and make the request again through the net page of Global Surf school & camp. We will try to modify your reservation but we do not guarantee success. Cancellation fees may be applied.

4) Check in: Takes place from 14h on and check out up to 12h. The client must deposit € 200 on arrival, and the amount will be refunded at check out if there are no damages at the property.

Payment Options:

The payment data are provided after the reservation request.

Once you make the transfer, it’s necessary to send us (by email) the official receipt or a print screen to prove the transfer.

Cancellation Policy:

After the confirmation being made, as mentioned above, we accept cancellations in the following cases:

a) Up to one month before arrival we refund the full amount of the deposit reserve;
b) Until two weeks we charge 30% of the deposit reserve;
c) Less than two weeks, we not refund the value and the customer get credit for use during a year;
d) Upon arrival we not refund the value, except for sickness or accident.

Transfers Policies:

If you have booked a transfer from Lisbon airport to Global Surf school & camp:

a) The transfer must be booked by the customer more than 48 hours before arrival and it has be confirmed by Global Surf school & camp by email;
b) The cancellation of a transfer must be made more than 24 hours before arrival. Otherwise we do not refund the deposit nor the entire transfer;
c) The driver will be waiting for you, properly identified in the Lisbon airport, in the area reserved for travel agents;
d) Guests must show the booking confirmation to the driver of the Global Surf school & camp;
e) The transfer service can be refused by the driver in cases of intoxication, aggressive behavior by customers and high degree of alcoholism. In this case, Global Surf school & camp has the right to charge 100% of the transfer amount;
f) The transfer may be refused, with the payment of 30% of the amount, in case of too much weight of luggage if not reported before (allowed weight of 30kg per person), incorrect booking of people or final destination;
g) The customer must have a phone number in order to be contacted in Portugal. In case of delays caused by traffic jam, bad weather or any other factor extraneous to Global Surf school & camp, we do not take responsibility. The Global Surf School & camp does not refund any other transportation used by the client (eg, taxi, bus, etc.).

Accommodation Policy:

1) Check-in takes place from 14.00h on and check-out until 12.00 pm (if the client stay in accommodation after 12.00 it will be charged an extra day);
2) Check-in is possible at any time after the hours mentioned, provided that the customer inform us the date and time of arrival in advance;
3) All expenses must be paid at maximum two days before departure;
4) The house should be cleaned before departure otherwise it will be charged a fee (25 €) for extra cleaning services;
5) Global Surf camp & school is not responsible for any theft or robbery that occurs within our property;
6) We are not responsible for personal property of customers during the stay, wherever they are. The customer is fully responsible for its own goods. The Global Surf school & camp recommends that you put your personal belongings in the safe;
7) Do not damage any structure or object of Global Surf school & camp;
8) Customers must inform the surf base if there is any damage to the structure or objects of Global Surf school & camp;
9) Clean the dishwasher after use;
10) Do not throw toilet paper into the toilet (because it can clog). Put it in the bin;
11) Do not make noise after 23 hours;
12) Respect your roommate;
13) Close your room;
14) If you run out of hot water, please contact directly the surf base or contact us via telephone
15) Respect other guests. You’re not alone.

Surf Lessons Policy:

1) Classes should be completed within the time indicated below, starting from the purchase date, depending on the type of package:
a) A 5 classes package have a validity period of 12 months;
b) )A 10 classes package have a validity period of 12 months;
c) A 15 classes package have a validity period of 12 months;
d) A 20 classes package have a validity period of 12 months;
2) All progression classes packages have a validity period of 12 months;
3) The validity period of the packages is not cumulative;
4) Time limits may vary when it is impossible for the school to provide classes, or by presentation of a medical certificate by the student.

1) The group classes are arranged with a minimum of two students;
2) The classes have a maximum duration of one hour and thirty minutes;
3) The classes can be theoretical and practical;
4) The lessons taught are not necessarily made with the same teacher;
5) The classes may not be sold or transferred to third parties.

1) The classes are arranged according to the weather and sea conditions, and the confirmation of attendance must be done until 12pm of the day in which it is made the booking.
2) If the customer books more than a day of classes, it is expected to have classes on the days after the first class. If the customer decides not to take classes in the next day, the decision should be reported to the surf based on the previous day.

1) It is considered missing (given class) when the student do not attend the class, and has confirmed its presence in advance;
2) Students should report cases of delay, and when it exceeds 30 minutes of appointment, will be classified has missing (given class);
3) The fault can only be justified by medical certificate.

1) In the initiation classes, all the equipment (wetsuit, shop, wax, duck-feet and board) are provided by the school, except for the towel, that must be brought by the student;
2) In the progression classes, the students have to bring their own equipment;
3) For hygiene reasons, when an wetsuit is provided by the school the student must use underwear / swimwear;
4) The student is responsible for any damage occurred in the equipment provided, when it is shown that it was made by negligence and / or undue use.

Conditions for Equipment Hire:

1) Equipment hire requires the deposit of a valid ID (Passport, Identity Card or Driver’s Licence Document Card);
2) Payment of equipment hire is made in cash and before using it;
3) Hired equipment must be returned without damages. Penalties apply for damages caused to equipment, according to table bellow;
4) Returning equipment beyond hired period implies a payment of 1h rental for each ½h delay;
5) Statement of responsibility: Equipment hire usage is of the exclusive responsibility of the clients and Global Surf school & camp insurance does NOT cover equipment damages and / or robbery and / or total loss as well as any injuries suffered or inflicted to third parties.

Penalties for damage / partial or total loss of equipment hired.

It is considered damage: Any hole, cuts, shreds or bumps in any part of the surf boards, fins or leash;
It is considered total loss: Any equipment or part of equipment that is returned broken and / or unusable, with changed parts such as fins, leashes, deck or bottom painted or altered in any way.